Your Wedding At Heartland Ranch
3 packages to choose from

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The Wedding Area

Brides Dressing Tent

Bride's dressing tent
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'Justa Few' Small Wedding
up to 35 guests ~includes Wedding photos
Wedding Only/ Wedding & Social Hour option


Wedding Decorating


Wedding & Social Hour Option >>>

Wedding & Social Hour Option
Wedding & Social Hour Option
cake table

Wedding in the woods/ decorated
Cake table
1 table for finger foods only
Seating around pond
No formal seating or tables/ linens
Tent for Bride to get dressed
3-5 hours depending on package 
no rehearsal

Wedding & Formal sit down Reception


Wedding in the woods
Tables & Linens
Cake table
Dance Floor
2-3 tables for food
Tent for Bride to get dressed
5 -7 hours / day of Wedding

*time for rehearsal/ reception set up night before
*time to set up reception/ day of wedding